best Internet Services Providers of Nepal

Best Internet Services Providers of Nepal

To be honest, Today’s Internet becomes our needs. Internet helps us in our every step of our life even gives a useful knowledge. In that way, finding the best Internet services providers companies is hard in the context of Nepal. We have to know the whole information before choosing the company such as customers service, pricing, plans, connection, and many more. So, In this article, we are going to share the Best Internet Services Providers of Nepal.

                                   Overall Views

ISP Plan Full Installation Visit Site
 worldlink-logo Fiber Home Plan Rs. 3000+ Worldlink
vianet-logo Fiber Home Plan Rs. 5,000+ Vianet
logo-subisu Unlimited Plan Rs. 3,000+ Subisu
classictech-logo Pro Packages Rs. 2,500+ Classic Tech
NepaliTelecom-logo  Unlimited Plan Rs. 3,000+ Nepali Telecom

Now, let’s go to the detail information of each Internet Services Providers.



Worldlink is the top and largest internet service providers of Nepal since from years. They have superb coverage and additionally offer service like hosting for websites and for Counter-Strike.They serve internet to home, business, and enterprise with the different category of plans and pricing. They provide the high-speed internet for business plans. If you are looking for the best ISP then Worldlink is the best choice.

It offers the residential Broadband and fiber internet service as well as offers the internet packages. They have the Fiber-XXL, Fiber-XL and FIber-X plans of 50 Mbps UNLIMITED, 30 Mbps UNLIMITED and 20 Mbps UNLIMITED respectively. Customers support is also awesome, they provide quick and fantastic support to their customers.



Vianet is the second largest and leading internet service providers of Nepal. They provide the high-speed Internet connectivity and communications solutions for business and individuals. It also offers the broadband and fiber net services which is the latest technology in communication.

They weekly or monthly provides the various type of internet packages to their customers with low cost. Home Plan, SOHO Plan, Corporate Plan is the services that provide the unlimited internet services and charges for the customers.



Subisu is also one of the best internet services providers of Nepal. But a few years back their customers give a poor rating. Within the starting, customers were positive concerning the speed, benefit, and uptime, however currently they appear upset concerning the speed and association period of time. It’s been providing its service through cable and fiber networks.They even offer the internet packages to their customers at low cost.


Classic Tech


Classic Tech is also the best internet services providers as well as Network services providers of Nepal in 2018. They are leading in the market as best ISP because of their customer’s service and providing the best internet plan even the best internet connection.

They entirely focused on the effective customer support and service mechanism. Since customer satisfaction is their first priority.

Nepal Telecom


Nepal Telecom is also known for best Internet services providers in Nepal. As we know that NTC is the oldest telecom company and their NTC ADSL is also one of the oldest internet services. But nowadays comparison with others internet ADSL has become the less choice to the people.

Otherwise, the speed and connection are good. The customer’s service is also nice. ADSL internet works from same telephone line so there is no worry for extra installation.

Wrapping Up

After reading this whole article hope you’ll choose the best internet for your home or companies. For more such informative article visit our site regularly or you can subscribe our site.

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